Things Responsible For Water Pipes Creating Weird Noises

Water pipes can make weird noises due to a variety of reasons. The kitchen drainage can be noisy; bathroom plumbing could also be creating loud sounds. There are several reasons responsible for it. In this post, we will point out the most apparent reasons for creating such issues.

Non-functioning washer

Washers are always used in all kind of plumbing. If your bathroom pipes are making noises, a worn-out washer could be responsible for it. A non-functioning washer can create sounds like a loud whistle.

There is an easy way to get rid of this issue. If you don’t want to buy a new washer, make sure to follow the instructions. Stop the main water supply of the house and empty the tanks by opening all the taps in your bathroom. Once this is done, close the taps and then re-fill the tank. By doing this, your problem will most likely be solved.

Due to water hammering

If high-speed water flow is intersected by a closed valve or faucet, a hammering sound could be heard. This is known as water hammering and the subsequent sound can disturb the peaceful aura of your home.

Air bubbles can also result in this noise if some amount of air gets trapped in your pipe. To get these issues solved, you will have to take professional help from They are plumbing specialists and will solve your problems in no time.

Gurgling sound due to the water flow’s path obstructions

Draining difficulties result in gurgling sounds in the water pipes. They are distracting, and sometimes they can cause headaches. This happens because of some solid obstruction. There must be some sort of blockage in the drain, because of which you hear a gurgling sound. It can be anything. An excessive amount of soap scum gets built up over some time and can interfere with the flow of water. Another reason could be the hard water minerals which get deposited in the pipes.

Vibrating noise due to excessive water pressure

If you hear a vibrating sound or a thumping sound coming from your pipe, then most of the times, it is due to water pressure. When your plumbing pipes are not designed to withstand a given amount of water pressure, the vibration happens. House water pressure should not exceed 80 psi. A pressure gauge can be used to measure your home’s water pressure.

Make sure that you solve this issue asap and enjoy a peaceful time with your family in your home.

These were the most common reasons why your pipes are creating weird sounds and noises. I hope you liked the article and will share it with your friends in need.

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