How To Move Plants and Flower Pots To Your New Place?

If you have plants and flowers in your place, they make it a home. Since most of us invest years in taking care of those flowers and plant pots, it’s horrible to even think of leaving them when we move to a new place. But with the grace of God, we can move plants with us with a bit of pre-planning and perfect execution.

In this blog, I’ll tell you some excellent tips with the help of which you can take your favorite plants and flower pots along with you.

Planning to move a plant mostly depends on the shape and size of the plants and pots. The indoor plants are a bit easier to pack and move. When it comes to the outdoor plants which are bigger, you need to be cautious while packing and moving them.

How to move indoor plants which are smaller in size?

Smaller plants are a little bit easier to move. You can just put them inside an open cardboard box. For saving them during the transportation, make sure that you fill the gaps between the corners of the box and the plant’s pot. There are many moving companies which have it in their policy not to move plants and herbs. Make sure that you talk to them regarding this policy before hiring them. My personal advice would be to get in touch with and let them know your requirements. They will surely help you with all of your packings and moving needs – including plants.

Some indoor plants are bigger in size too. For them, you will have to use a trimmer to get them to the most optimal size.

Climate needs to be observed too. If the temperature is too cold, wrap your plants with newspapers so that they do not die in extreme conditions. If the climate of too hot, the long journey should be avoided as some plants might not take that excess heat for far too long. If your plants are sensitive to temperature, you should take them along with you in your air-conditioned vehicle. If the journey is pretty long, take care of your plants on the way. Feed them with water regularly.

If taking them with you in your vehicle is not an option, you need to arrange a third party for the shipment process.

How to move outdoor plants which are bigger in size?

As suggested earlier for the bigger indoor plants, you should trim the outdoor plants too to pack and move them. Trimming doesn’t mean that you have to cut them all. Just trim them by the dimensions of your moving box. You also have to put water in them before starting the moving process. The soil and roots should have a great amount of moisture, to begin with. Now, start digging them off your yard carefully. Keep as many roots intact as possible.

Arrange for paper bags and put the plants in them. Don’t use plastic bags as the roots won’t be able to breath during the entire journey.


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