Different Ways To Secure Your Furniture When You Move

Packing and transporting small items is never a problem when you move from your old house to new. However, this is not the case with big furniture. They require proper attention while packing and moving. Your furniture could get scratches or even worse, get broken if you don’t have proper equipment and tools for packing, transporting, and unpacking them.

We are here to help you with the same. There are some points below which will help you in moving your furniture more efficiently.

Always ask for moving insurance or valuation coverage

The very first step that you should take in order to protect your valuable furniture is getting them insured. There are several insurance options for moving protection. If any kind of accident happens during the transit, your insurance company will cover for your damage. You can look online for it. There are a lot of websites offering such a solution.

There is another thing that you can do you can ask for the valuation coverage from your movers. Professional movers like www.matcocalgarymovers.com can help you with this. They offer a certain damage cover by taking the valuation of total goods. This way, if anything happens, your packers and movers will be liable for a certain part of the damage.

Wrap your furniture with proper packing supplies

You just can not take the packing casually. The kind of packing you do will decide the fate of your valued furniture. If you have hired packers and movers, you have got no worries. If you are doing everything yourself, you need to do it as professionally as possible. You have got to purchase proper wraps for furniture. They come in different sizes and you can also get the stretchable ones. They can be of great help. Especially the wraps which have air bubbles and can also be stretched.

If you don’t have that option, you need a lot of clothes. You can put blankets in between the contact surfaces of every wooden, glass, and metal furniture.

Disassemble before moving and re-assemble after moving

If you have a detachable bed, sofa or any other kind of furniture, you definitely should make use of that feature. You have to get down and do the business by yourself. Grab a set of screwdrivers and look out for the detachable sides. Make sure to take down notes while you are un-screwing any complex piece of furniture. These notes will help you later when you have to re-assemble the furniture. Keep the screws in a plastic container so that they do not get lost.

Only rent out a heavy furniture friendly moving truck

If you are doing the move DIY style, you need to hire a good truck from www.matco.ca. The truck should have additional ramps that go down to the floor. This way, any heavy furniture which has wheels can be escorted to the truck container very easily. You also need the insides of truck container to have tie-down clamps. These clamps will be used to get the ropes across while fastening the furniture with ropes.

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